Alcester Greig Hall FAQs

We hope these answers will cover many of your questions about the plans for the Greig Hall. If you have any other questions ask us on social media or email us at greighall@gmail.com and we will add them to the FAQs below:

What does a 125 year lease mean?

Alcester Town Council (ATC) has been granted a lease by Stratford District Council (SDC). The lease is a long term contract between the two councils under which ATC are given exclusive use of the Greig Hall site for 125 years. There is no rent payable. ATC has also been given the right to use the car park. By signing the lease ATC has confirmed its commitment to retaining the Greig Hall as a community venue.

Who owns the land and buildings?

SDC owns the freehold of the whole site. The lease gives ATC exclusive use of the Greig Hall, the squash courts and land to the side and rear of the Hall. This excludes the cadets hut and the phone mast.

Can SDC take the hall back?

The lease states that SDC can take the site back in the event that ATC does not operate a community hall without reasonable excuse for more than 6 months. A reasonable excuse why the hall is not operating might, for example, be that the hall is awaiting work to make it safe or is in need of repair following damage.

How long until the Greig Hall is open?

The Hall will be open as soon as it is safe to do so. We hope to  carry out refurbishment in stages, so that some part of the building may open as soon as possible.

Has a swimming pool been considered?

A swimming pool was investigated and was priced at £6 million, which is unaffordable.

How do I know that the Hall will not be knocked down and replaced with housing?

This is not allowed under the terms of the lease. There is also a covenant on the land which requires it to be used as a community hall.

How will ATC successfully run the Hall when previous attempts have failed?

ATC will set up a volunteer management group to run the Hall, made up of members of the community with a range of relevant business skills and experience. It will be run as an arts and community venue. We anticipate generating income by hire to local groups, from arts events and from long-term lettings.

How much will it cost?

We can’t answer that right now. The Town Council has drawn up a business plan which explains the funding plans for the next 5 years.

What will the hall be used for?

The hall will be used as a community hall and arts venue. The lease allows for hire to local groups and organisations and other uses such as a community shop or offices.

How will it be funded?

The Friends of the Greig Hall have already raised over £80,000 towards initial costs and will continue to raise funds. We have also received £25,000 from Church Street Property Trust. The Town Council will be applying for grants from local and national organisations. Initial work will be to make the hall safe, secure and watertight. Future work will be done in stages, as funds allow.

Will the hall be available for hire?

Yes – watch this space! We will of course keep you updated as work progresses.

How can I volunteer?

Please fill out the form on our Volunteer page 

How can I donate?

Friends of the Greig Hall have created a Just Giving page

Can I organise a fundraising event?

Absolutely! Any funds will be gratefully received by the Friends of the Greig Hall

How can I submit my ideas for the hall?

We intend to hold a public meeting(s) to discuss ideas for the evolution of the hall and the facilities that it offers. 

Is the stage still there?

Yes it is, and we hope to see it in use again as soon as possible. 

Will there be a bar?

It is our intention to operate a licensed bar once events are able to be held. 

Will there be a kitchen/catering facilities?

It is our intention to refurbish the kitchen at a later stage. 

What is happening to the squash courts?

They will no longer operate as squash courts. We are in negotiation with a local organisation to repurpose the building. 

You will need parking, what are your plans for that?

We have the right to use the existing car park. It may also be possible to utilise other space at the side of the hall.