An update from Chair of The Greig Hall Working Group, 27th Feb 2022

Last week was a significant week for the hall!

Sunday the 20th February

We held a volunteers coffee morning which gave our volunteers the opportunity to have look at the hall, chat to the members of the working group and sign up to a particular area of work. We have a fantastic bunch of volunteers (and more signed up on the day!) although frustratingly, we have not been able to use their skills and energies before now. This delay is due to the heating system talking longer to both specify and tender. The replies came back last week and we will be assessing the bids this coming week. This delay has unfortunately set the electrical work back as well, however we hope to catch up soon.

Monday 21st February

The ceilings started coming down in the main hall. The reason for doing this is to inspect the roof, install insulation (none before) and install electrical wiring (heating, lighting) and piping for the heating system. When all that work is complete, including the heating system blowers framework, a new ceiling will be installed that is slightly lower than that previously.

Alcester Town Council have applied for a £100k loan to help complete the work as quickly as possible. This should enable the hall to be functionally open in September and we are already planning the first performances and engagements.

Thursday 24th February

The ceiling is down and the rails for the new insulation are going on. Today also saw the first of the old radiators being removed from the lounge. This will release valuable floor space in the room.

You can see some of the photos from this week’s work below, and we’ll provide more updates as it progresses!

Cllr. Mark Cargill, Chair Greig Hall Working Group