An update from Chair of The Greig Hall Working Group, Cllr. Mark Cargill.

Clearing out the hallToday we had the hall cleared of all the rubbish left behind after being handed over. A great deal of what was left is rubbish, but where possible items of value have been sent to a recycling company.

On a positive note, having clear rooms gives a better idea of what we can do with the space. On the negative side we can now see all the things that need fixing including three leaks discovered courtesy of a cloudburst.

Although people are itching to get in to help, there are a number of things that need completing before we can safely let our marvellous volunteers in.

First is the roof. This is not in great condition and unfortunately vandals have smashed a number of windows letting water in. One skylight had a large coping stone thrown through, smashing it completely.

We do not know at this stage just what condition the wiring is in, however, we will need to bring it up to modern specs.

Following on from the electrics, we also need good lighting for the refurbishment work to start.

After that – well, we need to consider which areas to bring into use first. We will need some expert help on the dance floor as paint has been spilt on it. The walls in some rooms have water damage and flaking paint & plaster, and all rooms need painting so there is significant work there. It is a long list of work but by breaking it down into bite sized chunks we will get the hall looking fantastic again.

I would like to thank Paul & Leon plus his team for clearing the hall and all the rooms today. Not an easy task! This video shows the results of today’s work: