An update from Chair of The Greig Hall Working Group, Cllr. Mark Cargill.

We are finally starting to see the real beginning of the refurbishment of the hall with work starting on the roof. These repairs were prioritised as the roof is the most important part of any building. Considering the length of time the hall had been abandoned, there are only a few leaks – mainly from blocked gutters, and a few caused by vandals smashing the roof lights. The initial work involves replacing the lining to the hidden gutter for the front pitched roofs and we are also re-covering and insulating the flat roof below the rotunda. 

Fixing the leaks

Initial work started 2 weeks ago, with some initial repairs taking place on some of the smaller leaks. However, due to an unfortunate case of covid delaying the installation of the scaffolding, the majority of the work will now get underway next week. Once the roof is weather tight we can start on the interior work. We need to ensure that the hall is safe to accept visitors so all of the electrics and gas will have to be checked. Following that we can look at refurbishing each room in turn as money allows. As I have mentioned before, we have had a few security issues on site although fortunately those events are diminishing.

We were also delighted to announce that we have secured £25,000 in grant funding from the WCC ‘Green Shoots’ climate change fund. The aim of the fund is to allow buildings to adapt and change to mitigate climate change by, for example, better insulation or LED lighting. In our case this is a double benefit in that it helps us to refurbish the hall but also reduce our running costs.

Exciting times ahead!

WCC Green Shoots